Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interview with Reader's Digest Philippines

This interview is from back in November when David visited the Philippines.
Here are a few excerpts I wanted to comment on.
No more “David Who?”

Archuleta was in Singapore for a promotional visit last November where he spoke to the media at The Ritz Carlton, Millenia hotel. Clad in a grey tee, black jeans and striped cardigan, the baby-faced crooner flashed his mega-watt smile at a roomful of journalists. Archuleta abandoned his usual shy and soft-spoken demeanour and amidst lots of laughter and even some good-natured tickling, opened up about his music, his family and his future plans.

Reader’s Digest: It’s your second visit to Singapore. Did you get a chance to sample more local food this time around?
Archuleta: It’s interesting because it’s hard for me to have seafood. Last year I wasn’t able to do any seafood, this time I’ve been more open to prawns so it’s, like, slowly but surely. I had some [seafood] when we were at Longbeach [seafood restaurant] and [in a sing song voice] I had chicken rice yesterday. That was good.

Your mum used to be a Latin dancer. Have you ever tried Latin dancing?
Yeah, I have actually. I love Bachata. I like to try Salsa. I just love that music. It makes me move.

Have you written any songs for your family?
I’ve written some songs about my family. A lot of them didn’t make it on the album though [laughs].

Any plans for the future?
The future’s wild, that’s for sure. [This year] I’m hoping to focus on touring. I like to go do shows live; it’s just a very different connection with the audience. It’s been fun doing a bunch of appearances like radio shows back in the States. I’ve gone to do a couple of [radio shows] with artistes like Natasha Bedingfield, Bruno Mars and even The Gin Blossoms.

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It's nice to see you are trying to branch out with seafood. I love seafood, it's really yummy. You may not want to look at things with heads still attached though. Unless that doesn't bother you.

Makes you move eh? I'm betting you are keeping this under wraps aren't you? Man of mystery you are. It's probably safer that way too.

Ah, more songs that didnt make it to the album. *le sigh* There are probably a lot of those, huh? Wonder what happens to all these songs that "never make it to the album"... Probably absorbed by The Nothing.
I narrowly avoided The Nothing one time, I have photo evidence. We out ran it in a car.

Live shows are always cool. Especially with a band. Here's hoping you get to do more shows this year, or well shows this year. Since this was last year when the interview took place. I don't remember if the last one was this year or last year. Pretaped TV not included. My brain may well be made of swiss cheese. Or cake.

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