Saturday, February 12, 2011

Craft Corner: V-Day cupcake toppers!

I'm a crafty person. I like crafts. I think they are fun.
It's always neat to see what kind of crafty things people can come up with. I'm a little late to the party on this, but hey, who's counting.

Annie and Bianca collaborated on some David related cupcake toppers for those interested.
You can find instructions and printables over at Bianca's BLOG.

My fav is the cupcake and squirrel one.
I mean look, it's a mini cupcake on a cupcake topper! I like the colors too. The squirrel is just too adorbs!

I also may or may not be slightly jealous of Bianca's extensive digital scrapbooking collection.
One day I will devise a plan to snag her hard drives, but don't tell her that. ;)


karenkid said...

aww, Almond!

Or was it Armond, I never knew for sure.

--bianca said...


Not my hard drives! *hands you backup drive* Here take what you want but give it back in one piece.